When to Hire an Attorney?


When to Hire an Attorney in Marin County

When you have had a personal injury in Marin from an auto accident, work related accident, manufacturers product defect, medical error or malpractice, it’s important to have the council of an attorney as soon as possible to handle the multitude of factors that need to be considered. Most people become easily overwhelmed without the help of an attorney that has a clear understanding of the law. Unfortunately most people in Marin County wait until dealing with a personal injury has become unmanageable before hiring a lawyer.

Why You Need To Hire a Lawyer ASAP

There are many costs that result from a personal injury. You can be compensated for the majority of these costs if you are working with an experienced attorney that will advocate for you.

Some of the costs of a personal injury include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage (from auto accidents)
  • Funeral costs (in the event of death)

It’s easy for someone to get overwhelmed if they are trying to navigate the system themselves. If you are trying to deal with insurance companies yourself, it is easy to make critical mistakes, like admitting fault or signing legal documents. Remember, the insurance company’s only interest is in minimizing claims. Any information that you give them can and will be used against you for this purpose. This is why it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible after an accident.

Benefits of Hiring a Marin County Personal Injury Lawyer Early

There are many benefits if you hire a Marin County personal injury lawyer early.

Benefits include:

  • Insurance companies ask questions immediately
  • Police will ask questions immediately
  • Get the best criminal defense

Both your insurance company and the other side’s insurance company will begin asking questions immediately. If you try to deal with them yourself you could severely limit your settlement or even negate it. In addition, depending on the severity of your case, like an auto accident, the police may be involved and will want information right after the incident. An experienced personal injury lawyer like the lawyer at The Law Offices of Craig Dykman will field these questions for you and give you peace of mind while ensuring that you receive the largest settlement possible.

Lastly if you were involved in an accident where someone was seriously injured or died then you need an attorney as soon as possible. Dealing with the police without legal council will affect the outcome of criminal proceedings and could land you in jail. Though The Law Offices of Craig Dykman does not handle criminal defense, we can take care of your personal injury litigation, workers’ compensation litigation, and refer you to a first class criminal defense attorney in Marin County.

Best Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Marin County

The Law Offices of Craig Dykman have been providing legal services for our personal injury and workers’ compensation clients in Marin County for over 20 years. Our tremendous amount of experience with these types of cases allows us to provide you with the best legal representation in Marin County. Other law groups may claim to be the best, but The Law Offices of Craig Dykman backs this claim with the words of our many satisfied customers. Talk to any of them and they will tell you that we provide exceptional legal services for our clients in Marin.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to hire a Marin County attorney.

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